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Alesha and Aether Revolt

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Aether Revolt brought a few new cards to Alesha, Who Smiles at Death with people even mentioning one of the combos in Modern. I personally don’t think the combo is good enough for that format but it could easily find a home in Commander.

The Hope of Ghirapur

The Hope created a stir when it was showcased. A new legendary to fill the roll in a colors deck but finds a home in recursion the most. The Hope packs a lot into it’s 1 mana frame. It’s evasive, it has at least 1 power and it really screams block me to spell based decks.

In Alesha we have the opportunity to get in with this guy just about every turn. Don’t underestimate it’s ability to combat creature decks either. Most commander decks run big threats they like to ramp into. This little guy stops your local Timmy from ramping into that Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger a few turns early.

Overall this card slots well into most strategies. Most decks won’t have a problem sneaking this guy in under cover late game, and he can get something into your graveyard pretty easy early game.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Sacrifice outlets create some interesting combos for Alesha. It’s always a good idea to try to keep one on the battlefield at any given time. We play a lot of enter the battlefield effects from our graveyard and most players won’t be so kind as to kill your Fiend Hunter while it’s removal ability is on the stack for you. There are plenty of great creatures to fill the role but as Doc Brown said, “Why not do it with some style.” and Yahenni has style in spades.

Yahenni hit’s all the high points of a card for Alesha even if they are slightly over costed. She brings a swell 2/2 body with haste that gets bigger as your opponents creatures bite the dust. All while providing you with a sacrifice outlet that makes them live through the barrage of board wipes.

This card doesn’t fit perfectly but it allows flavor in the deck. I could see slotting this in place of Nantuko Husk or Bloodthrone Vampire to fill that space.

Hidden Stockpile

Not the flashiest of cards from Aether Revolt but an interesting spin on a sac outlet. Looking through deck list after deck list I don’t see very many enchantments for Alesha and overall that’s probably not a good thing. Every player at your table has at least a few ways to destroy one if it hits the table (except that strange guy with his mono-red deck). The question you can ask yourself “Is this good enough to kill?” and the answer is probably no. You aren’t going to combo out with this and that disenchant would better serve your opponent to destroy Ivory Mask or Megrim over on the combo players board.

So how does Hidden Stockpile stand up? Well… it probably doesn’t the text on the card is good. We almost always have cards leaving the battlefield but we rarely have the excess mana to sac anything for the scry. That being said, in a token based deck with a Cathars’ Crusade on the table this could do some work.

I would find a spot for it in my Alesha deck if I was more focused on those fantastic creatures that put a bunch of tokens on the battlefield at the same time. I would find some great ways to abuse the triggers. But sadly, I don’t see this one slotting into my Alesha deck.

Aether Revolt

The Revolt holds some nice cards, some interesting combos, and some neat mechanics. I am looking forward to trying to slot more of the cards from this set into my decks. I know Depala, Pilot Exemplar has been waiting for this set since I constructed it.