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Fumiko the Low Blood

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My playgroup has an interesting and shifting meta. Most of the players in the group play decks that want to build up, not make waves, and try to win slowly over time… Well screw that. Let’s make some people swing away. That Mayael the Anima player? No waiting until the end of the turn before yours, or till you get attacked to activate. No sitting back with the Ertai and waiting to counter something.

Mono-Colored Foundation

It’s always a good idea to start with a great foundation. We open up the mono colored deck toolbox and throw in the normal cards.

We start off with our color medallion and diamond, both of these will help ramp us early game and make casting multiple cards per turn easy. Medallion is an MVP here. We run 38 lands so things like Medallion that give us reduced costs on multiple cards is great.

The Scythe, Sun, and Shrine are just great cards in any mono-colored deck. Sun and Shrine give a ton of mana ramp for mono-colored decks. Strata Scythe plays a great role in mono decks never under estimate the easy power level this single card can bring to the table late game.

Fumiko Protection Kit

Fumiko has some build in defenses but can really use some help protecting herself. The deck does a pretty good job of not wanting to be attacked, but Fumiko is pretty fragile.

Oathkeeper and Tenzo fit her really well and just feel flavorful. Armaments and Sword of Vengeance make her almost unkillable in combat with her own abilities. Swiftfoot’s really need no explanation.

You Have to Attack, Let’s Make it Not Me

So overall the point of the deck is to make everyone turn their creatures sideways each turn. With that in mind we really want to make it harder to attack us.

Red doesn’t really have the best tax effects out there so we get to come up with some interesting ways to dissuade people from sending those guys my way.  Stuffy Doll and Creepy Doll hilarious ways to stop attackers in their tracks. The overall MVP here is Crawlspace. While your opponents are forced to swing away only two of those guys are coming your way at any time.

Bringing it All Together

So we get to throw some hilarious cards together and force our opponents to stop sitting on their hands. Overall the Fumiko deck is a success. I will say that our win conditions are sadly only few and seem far between.

Overall I like the deck and plan to play it often. The full desk list is available in the deck box.